Accomplishments to date

Project Name

Veteran Extreme Home makeovers-
Davis, J / army
Florez, R / USMC
Cooper, J / navy
Paint jobs:
Sands, R Navy
Window air condition installs:
Veteran names unknown
Car donations:
Gonzales, R - USMC
Lastname spellex out, firstname intl.

Access Mobility Ramps (AMO)

Operation Ramp up

our mission is to provide year-round services, along with two large annual volunteer events the Saturday prior to Independence Day as well as the Saturday prior to Veterans day, utilizing local supporters, industry leaders, university volunteers and more to serve our mobility restricted Veteran Community. Installation of these “AMO Ramps” at our Veterans homes will restore a safe, stress-free arrival and departure to and from their homes. We will succeed, where all other options have failed and funds are not unavailable. We are the only Veteran Support Organization ( VSO ) Arizona that provides this type of service at no cost to our Veterans. Join us today!

Our ramp expenses typically cost $2500-$3500.

To date, we have provided 15 ramps.As our organization grows, so does our ability to serve veterans. We have doubled our ramp productions every year since our foundation started April 28 2014, in 2017 we installed 8 ramps, with two more pending.

The goal of Operation Enduring Gratitude for 2018 will be the installation of 16 "AMO ramps"

Some of the recipients:

Davis, J                                    U.S. Army Vietnam 1968
Williams, D.                              U.S. Army, Vietnam  1972
Akee, D
USMC, WWII. Navajo Code talker
Sprankle, G USMC Vietnam
Belt, D USMC 1973
Herrel, Mark. U.S. Army, Viet Nam
Internoscia, Alodn. U.S. Army, Viet Nam
Clifton, Ken.   U.S. Army,  Viet Nam Veteran