If four or more organizations enter and play the annual Golfing with Gratitude tournament, Operation Enduring Gratitude will award a special trophy for organizational teams. The cup will be awarded to the lowest scoring team.

Qualifications: to be eligible, teams:

  • May be from companies, corporations, governmental entities, partnerships, cooperatives, or non-profits.
  • Must Field players who are employees or employers of their organization for at least 90 days prior to 27 April 2024.
  • Will exclude professional golfers, including club/course pros to be eligible to become champions.
  • Can use course games or mulligans, (if available), to improve a player’s score. These are part of the tournament and ARE permitted.
  • Defend their trophy during the next annual tournament. Failure to field a team in the subsequent tournament will result in surrendering the trophy.
  • Must protect the trophy during the year they are reigning champions. Damaged trophies must be replaced by the winning organization.
  • Organizations are encouraged to challenge other competitors in their career field. Let’s find out who has the best team of doctors, carpenters, lawyers, police, mechanics, firefighters, volunteers in the Valley.