Operation Ramp Up:

.Providing large concrete “Access MObility ramps”, also known affectionally as  ( AMO Ramps )   for mobility impaired or restricted Veterans.   #SuperRamp #SuperRamps   #AmoRamps

Both service-connected and none service connected impaired Veterans are encouraged to APPLY HERE



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Second coat on the barn:

While providing a new coat of paint on the homes of our Veteran  community, our volunteers, corporations local and national, can demonstrate their gratitude for the gift of freedom our Veterans have protected.





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Veteran Extreme Home Makeover:

Rebuilding homes for veterans who are unable to do the work themselves.

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Our way of life has been and continues to be provided and defended by people who have risked everything in defense of our Country whether in combat or in support of fellow troops. We call these people Veterans, the gatekeepers of the world’s freedom.

In defense of our homes, our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, Mothers, and Fathers have placed their lives and the lives of their family on hold, some for short-term enlistments and for some forever.

As our service members return and enter back into their homes, life happens, and a never-ending need develops. It can simply be a little bit of help but sometimes there is a lot more.

At Operation Enduring Gratitude Foundation, we want to be a part of expressing Enduring Gratefulness to these who have been fundamental to our way of life. We embrace and give thanks to those service members whose sacrifices have ensured our way of life will continue.

Choosing to declare:

You are home, not forgotten!

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No one can do everything, but everyone can do something....

Why donate to Operation Enduring Gratitude?

My Father was a Pearl Harbor Survivor.
Watching him suffer from heart disease was like dying myself.
at 14 years of age, there really was not much I could do for him except push him around in his wheelchair to family events and my football games.

During that difficult time, I decided if I was ever able to help veterans of our great country I would do so.
Operation Enduring Gratitude is the result.
Do you enjoy your freedom?
How would you like to honor and express your gratitude to veterans who served, fought, got wounded physically or have wounds we cannot see?
Operation Enduring Gratitude is the way to do that.
Imagine how good you will feel when you see old glory flying, knowing that you helped a veteran to:
Keep mobile
Stay independent a bit longer
Remove a burden they can no longer bear
I still remember the hopeless pain that I felt as a kid and now I get to help veterans live better lives.
Join others just like you to make a huge difference in the life of an American Veteran?
I am asking you to donate $50, $75, or $100 dollars so we can continue to assist veteran warriors, many who have been forgotten.
Yes, Christmas is around the corner, there are all kinds of things to be bought, trees, gifts to go under the tree and parties to go to.
I am asking you to donate because without our Veterans this would not be possible.
Do you love our country?
Then let’s together help our veterans before the year ends.
It only takes a moment
Donate now.